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We adopted Izzy on Aug. 8th just one month after losing our 14yr. Old westie on July 7th. She is doing so good. Forever Home Dog Kennel was great to work with. They sent so much stuff home with us. She potty-trained fairly quickly and gets along with my grandchildren, who are always trying to take her home. Thanks again for our amazing little girl!

Moats - IL (08/2023)

Cathie Vitale.jpeg

This past June, I was heartbroken after my Westie of 17 years, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  When I was finally ready to open my heart up again to a fur baby, I began my long search, mostly ending in disappointment. Then one day I stumbled upon “Forever Home Dog Kennel.” I called the number posted online and not only did Sheryl answer immediately, she wanted to FaceTime that evening. What a breath of fresh air this was!  We clicked immediately! I could see that she and her family love and care for their puppies, the way I do. She provided me with detailed information about the puppies, their health, how to care for them, etc…  I knew immediately that this was meant to be. I fell in love with the puppies so much, that I wanted two!!! The business transaction was professional and seamless! The dogs were transported by a courier service and I was able to see my puppies traveling from MO to CT via a mobile app. When the girls finally arrived, I was in love. I am forever grateful for Sheryl and “Forever Home Dog Kennel.” They blessed me with my fur babies, Reese and Rosie. My heart is full! I highly recommend “Forever Home Dog Kennel”!! They are the best, hands down!

Vitale - CT (07/19/23)


What a joy Dolly has been to our family. We love her so very much. She is of course the favorite Westie at our vet’s office. We are very happy with our decision to select our new family member from your kennel. Dolly is just so precious, she loves everyone and she loves the outdoors.
I would recommend anyone wanting a precious pet to contact Forever Home Dog Kennel. We were very satisfied with the whole process, from the beginning to the end of the services that you provide with your puppies. Thank you for everything.  P.S. Every time a plane goes over our home she looks up following.  She hasn’t forgotten her plane ride to Oklahoma yet. Thanks so very much.

Donna - OK (09/29/23)

Boles KICK.png

This is Kick, a delightful Schnoodle, I purchased in late December of 2022 from Forever Home Dog Kennel in Rolla, Missouri. Kick is now a year old. As Kick’s picture reveals, he is a very handsome boy with a beautiful, curly, deep, black coat that is amazingly silky to touch. Kick is hypo-allergenic, so his gorgeous coat barely sheds so those of us with allergies can enjoy having a dog.

Naturally, Kick behaves like a typical, energetic puppy who wants to play and chew on items he discovers. His adorable personality can best be described as sweet, loving and a cuddler. Smart as a whip and an astonishingly quick learner both reveal Kick’s intelligence which he demonstrates every day.

Working with Sheryl and Dennis, the owners of Forever Home Dog Kennel, was a wonderful experience. Sheryl provided and explained all the important and necessary papers, such as: Kick’s inoculation history, a schedule for follow up shots and Kick’s registration of birth. Additionally, to ensure Kick had a successful transition into his new home they generously provided: a dog carrier, bed, a blanket, a chewy bone, nail clippers, brush, vitamins, treats, several toys, and a sample of the puppy food they use and recommend (which I continue feeding Kick), along with encouraging me to call if I had further questions or concerns about Kick’s assimilation into his new home and family.

Carol - MO (09/26/23)


We got our baby boy Schnauzer, Hughie, from Forever Home Dog Kennel! He has been so healthy! He is the best pup and has us wrapped around his paws! He is trained to sit and wait! Very easy to train! They want to learn! Our little boy is his favorite person! We love him so much! Sheryl is so helpful and we trust her for any pets we might get next!

Heidi - AR (09/04/23)

Finn and Peal.jpg

Anyone looking for a Westie puppy can trust this breeder.  We got two Westie puppies last Saturday, 7/22/23 from Forever Home Dog Kennel.  They are both happy and healthy.  They had their first vet visit with us today 07/24/23. Finn is 4.2lbs, Pearl is 4.1lbs. and are great.  The breeder also sends along a generous care package with each puppy.  Stuff you'll actually use, not junk. 

They get so much love and attention where ever we take them.  They are such precious angels. I highly recommend doing business with these folks.  Thank you, Forever Home Dog Kennel, for providing high quality puppies at a reasonable price. 

The Burroughs - FL (07/2023)


Forever Home was the best place to get such an energetic, healthy  baby boy! The process with Dennis and Sheryl was SO SMOOTH and they had a lot of advice on puppies that I didn’t know  before! Sonic was so big and chunky when we got him, he ran everywhere we went, he didn’t want to walk!  It was only right to name him Sonic! He runs everywhere he goes.

Sheryl was very informative on future appointments and Dennis loved on Sonic till he couldn’t anymore! Wonderful family, raising the cutest and sweetest babies! Fast Forward to 15 weeks - he is over 6 pounds, energetic, and always playing with his brother Knuckles! They are two peas in a pod for sure and our family couldn’t have been happier that Sonic was accepted right away!! Thank You Forever Home!! 

Tiffany - NC (05/2023)


When we lost our 14 year old Westie, we were not planning on getting another dog for a while but I am so glad we changed our mind.  When I saw Forever Home’s Westiepoo puppies online, I knew I had to have one!  Sheryl made the entire process so easy and she was so professional.  She Facetimed with me so I could see Eli and she sent me several pictures and videos while we were waiting to go pick him up.  When we went to pick him up, she had all the paperwork ready, along with a small carrier, a blanket, a brush and several other goodies to help us get started.  So many adjectives to describe our sweet Eli: smart, funny, adorable, playful and cuddly.  We love him and we highly recommend Sheryl and Dennis at Forever Home Dog Kennel!

Chattos - MO (04/2022)


Great puppy and awesome experience.

We have had Ronnie for about six weeks and we are so happy with our new addition to the family! He is not only healthy but so smart, loving and funny. Only a few days after his arrival he learned “sit” as a pro. He was only 9-ish weeks old! He is the absolute perfect dog.

For this achievement we want to thank Sheryl and Dennis from Forever Home Dog Kennel. I am very impressed with the breeders. We had our puppy sent via air transport. It was very scary as a buyer when we did not knowing what to expect. Yet, from our initial inquiry about the puppy’s availability to subsequent follow-up calls, they made us feeling very comfortable. They take great care of their puppies and customers, and we highly recommend.

Maria - WA (10/2022)

Hodits CO.jpg

Kudos to Sheryl and Dennis, owners of Forever Home Dog Kennel.
When we arrived to pick up our Schnoodle puppy, all paperwork was complete and thorough, with total Missouri law compliance for selling puppies. Their kennels are clean and well kept. We were impressed with their operation and the love and attention given to all their animals.
Sadie is a happy and healthy puppy who brings joy to us every day.

The Hodits - CO (08/2021)

Mary Lou and Gracie Athena.png

Ever since we lost our precious Schnoodle after 15 years, it’s been my hearts desire to have  another one. I’ve been looking online seriously for a year. My niece recommended “Puppy Find” and that’s where I found our precious little Gracie. Oh Be still my full of love heart!!! She’s so adorable and I can’t say enough great things about her breeder “Forever Home Dog Kennel” and Sheryl. SO Professional and Trust Worthy!!! I will forever let my world of friends know about “Forever Home Dog Kennel” 573-201-7695

With Gracie, we received a goodie bag full of special things to get us off to a great start. Among other things were a toy she loves, a jar of her food she loves, a little blankie she loves, and a tube of vitamins and nutrients that she really loves! Just the best beginning of an adventure that we will be blessed with forever. And the communication didn’t stop after we got her…we send pictures and they are very interested in how she’s doing as she grows. We couldn’t have connected with a better and more trust worthy breeder. Highly recommend!

Mary Lou - KS (08/2021)


I have had the most amazing experience while dealing with Sheryl and her family. Along the journey, she always sent pictures, videos and contacted us when weekly weigh-ins took place. From the moment she let me know a new litter was on the way, she has been so informative and helpful!!! I was set on a boy puppy. and she made sure we were happy as well.

Cash is a blessing and all of her dogs seem so happy and responsive and loved. I would recommend her a 1000xs over and again. I appreciate her help and sharing her knowledge and her professionalism.  Our puppy Cash is amazing.  He is happy and perfect and his recent vet visit shows nothing but Perfection!

Sara - MO (07/2021)


It was truly amazing working with Forever Home Dog Kennel. As soon as I saw Gunner’s picture, I knew that was the breed that I wanted. He has been a joy for our family! Dennis and Sheryl were very kind and answered all our questions. From the beginning when we face timed to meet Gunner to now, they are supportive and helpful. I would recommend Forever Home Dog Kennel to anyone looking for a Schnoodle.

Brooks - MO (07/2021)


I found Forever Home Dog Kennel through an ad they had online. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.  They are in MO but offered zoom calls so that you can see the puppies. The scary part was shipping, but there are shipping companies dedicated to pet shipments. 
Maggie is doing very well!  We are so happy with her.  She is easy to train and so much fun.  She loves to spend time with us and in her yard.  We started socializing her with other dogs after she was spayed.  She was a little timid at first but loves to play.  When she's in the park playing (off leash), she comes when called and obeys commands even when other dogs are around.  We really couldn't ask for anything more.  She's a very loving happy puppy.

Mary - CA (09/2021)

Cora Luna 1.jpg

We drove 300 miles to pick up a Mini Schnoodle from Sheryl of Forever Home Dog Kennel in MO. It was a workday for Sheryl and she was kind enough to rearrange her schedule so we could get back on the road ASAP.  Sheryl and Dennis had the puppy, all the paperwork & medical records ready for us, along with MANY free items they gave us for our 9½ week old puppy, including a travel carrier.  Cora was a little sweetheart. We have had her 11 weeks now and she is loving, playful and funny, a pure delight for the whole family.  We are very happy that we chose a puppy from Forever Home Dog Kennel.  If you're looking for a puppy, give them a call. You can't go wrong with Sheryl and Dennis. 5 stars all the way!!

The Cellamares - IA (09/2021)

nemo 2.jpg

Sheryl and Dennis at Forever Home Dog Kennel have been amazing to work with! I had no idea what to expect with a breeder but they went above and beyond. Pics, videos, FaceTime even so we could see our Nemo growing and be a part of it.

Nemo loves his humans! He's a fun filled, playful smart pup. He loves nose work and chasing toys. When he's tired, he cuddles and likes to sleep just under the blankie (yes he gets to sleep on the human bed!) We love him!!

Jessica - MO (12/2020)


Sheryl and Dennis were nice people who obliged at every request I had in regard to getting Gunner.

Gunner is currently 9 months old, weighs 14-15 lbs, and overall is a healthy puppy.  We went to the Vet last week for a checkup.  His temperament is that of a typical feisty and playful puppy; still has some training we need to improve, and loves attention and cuddling.

Michael - TX (12/2020)

Pepper 3.jpeg

We were looking for a mini schnoodle from a quality, caring breeder and found Forever Home Dog Kennel. Sheryl and Dennis were amazing to work with. You can tell how much they love their dogs and what they do. Once we picked out a puppy, Sheryl would get in touch so we could see our puppy over video chat. They sent us home with all the necessary equipment and provided information on puppy raising which was very helpful. We took Pepper home in Jan 2021.

He is very loveable, energetic, and very smart. He is great with our kids and other two dogs who are very large compared to Pepper. He gets along with other kids that come over and he likes to play with any dog he sees. He loves to snuggle and always wants to be in on the action. We highly recommend Forever Home Dog Kennel and Sheryl and Dennis.

Sheena - MN (12/2020)


Our experience with Sheryl and Dennis at Forever Home Dog Kennel was wonderful.  We received live videos of our puppy several times before we received her.  They answered all my questions and concerns. 

Annie is a very smart, loving and ornery puppy. 

We love her dearly.

Jennie - KS (12/2020)

Bear II.jpg

I purchased Bear from Forever Home Dog Kennel 12/31/20. He is such a super sweet baby. Healthy, loving and extremely smart.

So easy to train. Within a few days he and my 4 year old

dog became inseparable.

Bear has the sweetest temperament. I would certainly recommend getting a doggie from Forever Home Dog Kennel.

Dorothy - MO (12/2020)


We were very pleased with our experience with Forever Home Dog Kennel. We were from out of state and Dennis and Sheryl were very easy to work with. They were amazing breeders. They were honest, professional and very caring about us and our puppy. They truly treated their puppies like they were part of their family. They sent us videos of the available puppies for us to view when we were picking out our puppy. Once we picked her out, they sent pictures and videos of her so that we could see her before we were able to pick her up. They were flexible with meeting due to us driving from out of state to pick her up.

Once we picked her up, they took their time to explain all her vet checks/shots that were up to date at that point, as well as giving us a little care package for her during our drive home.  Our dog Leia is very well mannered and very healthy. We love everything about her especially her temperament and beautiful black and white color. She is great with kids and is all around a great addition to our family. Thank you again to Forever Home Dog Kennel for giving us the perfect puppy! Would highly recommend!

Kim - IL (12/2020)

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